The Birth of eKomply

The founders of eKomply are CPAs and accountants and have serviced the tax and accounting needs of tons of startups.

State payroll registrations have always been a pain point for startups.  Accountants do not want to do these registrations as they are time consuming, not very sexy and a good way to lose their staff to other firms by taking on this type of work.  Gusto, Rippling and other payroll services do not do these registrations.  HR consultants and lawyers do not do these.

So, startup founders are on their own and need to deal with this problem.  They can either attempt to do them themselves (not a good use of their time) or find a firm to do them.  Firms such as CorpNet have been around for a while and many startup founders use them.  

The CorpNets (see our comparison chart for the other firms like CorpNet), though, only do the registration and electronically forward your snail mail.  They do not enter the registration information into Gusto or Rippling, do the Third-Party Authorization connection, update your rates, take action on the slew of snail mail these states send you, file payroll tax returns for pre-Gusto and Rippling payroll periods, troubleshoot Gusto and Rippling problems, etc.  Any of these can result in Gusto or Rippling “blocking” your payroll (refusing to run it).

We recently sent an email to over 1,000 startup founders regarding payroll pain points.  Overwhelmingly, state payroll tax registrations were the biggest pain point.  When we dug in, though, it was not just the registration, it was the stress of entering the info correctly into Gusto or Rippling, updating the rates and especially dealing and acting on snail mail from these states and emails from Gusto and Rippling threatening to block payroll if something was not fixed.

So, eKomply was born with its purpose of not only filing the state payroll registrations but to take action on all payroll related tasks.  We are not a “you do some and we do some” solution.  We are a “we do it all solution”. 


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We get it: Startup founders are busy people. For just $499 per application, let eKomply handle all your state filings so you can focus on building your MVP and making those investors happy. Call us today to speak with one of our accountants.

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