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    Frequently asked questions

    What are state payroll taxes?
    When an employee is paid, state income taxes are withheld from their paycheck. The Company also pays state unemployment taxes. These taxes are remitted to the state where the employee works. Some cities, such as Denver, also have city payroll taxes.
    Why do I need to register in each state where there is an employee?
    Gusto or Rippling remit these taxes on behalf of their customers. Most states assign a unique account number to each employer and this account number is required with the remittance. Each state has a very different and unique registration process. There is no “standard” application.
    What happens if I do not register in a state?
    Gusto and Rippling will “block” your payroll – not allow you to run payroll. They will give you some time, though, to register and not block it until they have sent you several warnings. Once they block it, none of your employees can be paid until the registration is completed.
    Can I register myself?
    Is eKomply different from the other firms providing registration services?
    Yes. eKomply provides “turnkey” service whereby we register the Company, enter the registration information into Gusto and Rippling, receives and acts on all snail mail that arrives after the registration, updates your unemployment tax rates and troubleshoots any payroll tax issues. eKomply is your payroll accountant. Other services just do the registration and forward the mail.
    Can eKomply register us in multiple states?
    Yes, in all 50 states and DC. Also, any city that requires a payroll tax registration.
    What should I do with the notices I am receiving from states that we already have employees?
    eKomply has a service called “Shoebox”. Send eKomply your notices and they take the necessary action to keep you compliant. They also request future notices and correspondences to be mailed to their address to keep you compliant. If interested, please use the contact form and will be in touch.

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